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since 1992


The Foundry began in 1992 as a place for actors, writers and directors to meet and create new works. We provide one another with a creative and              critical arena in which to develop compelling material.

wherein lies the truth?

...or Dare

This Foundry Theatre Works production is one of the true gems of Fringe Fest 2015, wrought by an LA company that has put together an adroit, synergistic alliance of playwrights, director and ensemble.

Bitter Lemons - Julio Martinez

Helmer David Robinson guides a pair of two-person ensembles through finely realized confrontations that render psyches permanently scarred while still maintaining the essence of social civility and even humor.

Go ahead and try to find more subtle, understated yet powerful acting anywhere at Fringe this year. I'll wait. A deceptively simple, beautiful night of theater.

Jim Hanna

I loved that edginess of not knowing where each piece will take us and will everyone be safe? Thoughtful writing, very committed performances and a deliciously dynamic tension. Bravo! - Bella Merlin

Ashe, Margolis and Whitney command such presence on stage that you can't help but believe them and be right there in the space the entire time!

Matthew Martin

Thank you Hollywood Fringe Festival 2015!

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